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With SmartView Antenna, you don’t have to miss your favorite shows, latest news, or the big game. Simply plug device into your TV and instantly access up to 60 HD TV channels with crystal-clear resolution.

  • Watch over 60 FREE HD & Digital TV Channels
  • No Contracts Or Fees – Save Hundreds Each Year!
  • Easy and Fast Install
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Free and Legal
  • Bypass Cable & Satellite Companies
  • Supports HDTV
  • 60mi AmplifieR Range
  • 360 Reception

No Contracts Or Fees Save Hundreds Each Year!

Millions of Americans are paying way too much for subscription TV services. In fact, you could be one of the many that are spending hundreds of dollars more than they should be!

With the SmartView Antenna, you can access the most popular channels without paying an overpriced cable subscription. All you pay for is the one-time cost of the device and that’s it. It’s the sensible alternative to your current TV plan.

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how it works?

Let's take a look at how easy it is to set up the SmartView Antenna


1. connect

Use the coaxial cable to connect your SmartView TV Antenna to the IN input on the back of your TV.


2. SET

Set your SmartViewTV Antenna either behind the TV or stick it on the window (Highly recommended).



Start enjoying FREE HD TV! SmartView Antenna automatically finds all the channels. Now, relax and ENJOY!

Cutting Edge Technology

The SmartView Antenna is designed using powerful, military-inspired technology that will bring you crystal-clear HD TV channels and brilliant sound quality. Because the antenna pulls the 24/7 broadcast signal directly from the TV towers, it will continue to work as long as you have power.

That means once the device is set up, you won’t need to worry about signal outages!

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If you’re tired of paying for an expensive cable bill but still want to watch great TV, then there’s finally an answer for you. The SmartView Antenna allows you to receive up to 60 HDTV Channels directly into your living room.

Simply pay a one-time cost for the device, spend a few minutes setting it up, and you’ll gain immediate access to Free HDTV. And for a Limited Time, when you purchase the SmartView device, you will receive up to 57% off your purchase.

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Disclaimer: Results may vary based on how far you live from the broadcasting towers and if you’re surrounded by trees, mountains, and tall buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Customers Have To Say

Irene N.

Buffalo, NY

WOW. Very Cool!

Very impressed, easy setup and I was able to get over 50 Channels. I dont need that many, but It was enough to cancel my cable subscription. I'm a mother of three and every little bit counts. My cable bill was over $200/ month, so getting rid of cable was definitely a huge help.

Richard Wells

Richmond, VA

Happy customer

I remember the days when TV was free. Glad to get my free tv back and save some money. Nicer looking then those old rabit ears I used to have, and getting a bunch of HD channels too.

Anne DeMichael

Sarasota, FL

Great product!

Free tv, Who knew :) This product works well. I don't get 60 channels, but get plenty of great shows, movies and news channels I enjoy watching. I bought another 5 antennas for christmas gifts as they are offering 57% Off and it's priced right. Thank you!

Andrea Jones

Woodlake, CA

That was easy

Have a friend of mine that told me about this Antenna and how I could get Free TV channels. I was sceptical at first, but after using for a few days I'm very happy with the product, I get the most channels in my living room. I purchased another three antennas for my kids and guest room. And I recommend grabbing the amplifier, it makes a big difference. Have fun!

Smartview Antenna

Watch Over 60+ FREE HD & Digital TV Channels